The Missing Moustache or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The adventurers began to contemplate their next move in what has turned into a house of gnomes. As they began to move about they noticed all their weapons had become 2 sizes two small. Ivar began to rage and demand that his weapon return to size. From a far corner of the room you could hear a giggle and someone say “In due time my friend, in due time.”

The varl continued to swear under his breath but knew it was pointless to argue with a gnome. Qadir began to ask into the corners of the room about the knight and skeletons that roam the building. He was able to learn that they may not be as hostile as he once thought. Qadir decided that maybe there could be a more peaceful way to go about this tower of horrors. He decided to traverse the rest of the way with his hands in his pockets, showing no signs of aggression, and told the rest of the party to parrot him. Ivar wouldn’t have willingly done this but he couldn’t wield a weapon if he wanted to for he had been playing with a “prize” the gnomes left for him that seemed to be handcuffing his hands together.
With the everyone showing no weapons or malicious intent they walked into the room with the skeletons and black knight. The undead turned to face the men with weapons drawn but without advancing. The heroes stopped and waited to see what would be their fate. Amazingly the guards raised their weapons and allowed the adventures passage into the hall which, as it were, was a shrine. The men all paid their respects to the shrine and left the hall.
The storm had finally died down.and group decided it was time to finish their mission and retrieve the green rocks they were searching for. On there way out the gnomes informed the adventurers that they would more than likely run into to some great hairy beasts out there. If they could defeat and bring back a tuft of hair from their heads they would gift them with materials. They agreed to help the little gnomes and if they were to see the beasts. The gnomes also informed the heroes that when they left the building another surprize would happen. They proceeded to go outside to find out what that was and much to the liking of Ivar, all the weapons had returned to normal size, he now felt whole again.
Though the storm had subsided the cold still existed and made the travel a bit slower than they wanted. After a short journey they came upon a knight fighting a hairy beast. Naturally the heroes jumped into action. They came to the knights the defense and defeated the creature. They talked to the knight and figured out that he was on a mission to a location beyond the mountain ridge, where several more large hairy beast were. They decided to help him with his mission and they began to head toward the ridge. Upon arriving they decided that the left passageway would be the best way down. On the road less traveled they realized why it was less traveled. One of the hairy beasts was there, but this one was twice the size of the others. They formulated a plan and executed it to perfection. They opened with a wicked bow shot from Ivar to the beast’s eye and continued the destruction from there. Artur planted some well placed strikes while Qadir smashed his fists into the beast’s side. The beast was able to place some blows of his own and knocked down Qadir. With a swift move of his hand the knight was able to instill more life into Qadir and help the party vanquish the beast.
After the altercation was over they followed the knight as he continued to a battlefield where he knelt down and seemed to be collecting a signet ring. They found out it was son that had fallen at this battle. They gathered up some weapons from the fallen and noticed some differences with the weaponry. Some of the arrows were serrated, most likely not belonging to the Aerethart Empire. There must have been another party involved in this skirmish. The heroes gathered up what they could and departed back to the tower. As they were leaving Yukon pledged his sword to the adventurers. He agreed to follow them and help them in their endeavors.
Once the heroes reached the tower they noticed that Yukon refused to enter the tower’s grounds. The knight cannot return home until his quest was complete. The heroes delivered the scalps of the fallen Yetis to the Garron guards. In addition they deliver the fallen soldiers’ insignia to the other knights of the fortress. With their quest complete they decided to return to Aerethart.
On arrival to the guild hall Ivar, Finn, Qadir, and Artur were greeted by a group of adventurers. One of the adventurers was a Varl who seemed to know Ivar. A conversation between the two brought them deep into the evening. They drank and shared stories of their exploits.

Do you know the muffin man? Or Knockin' on hell's door
Session Recap 02/04/17

With a huge storm raging outside our heroes find themselves in the kitchen of an old fortress. After spending a few days meditating Qadir comes out of his trance. Finn informs him of the goings on, and the party decides to continue to explore this old castle. After inspecting the kitchen area carefully Ivar finds a door nailed shut from the inside. Qadir attempts to break through the door with a swift punch. He delivers a huge amount of damage to it but fails to break it in a single blow. The door was harder than he expected so he decided to halt his assault on the door. Finn and Artur however began to egg Qadir on, doubting his prowess. Even the most centered of monks have a bit of pride, so Qadir continued his assault. In the second blow to the door he reduced it into splinters.
The room inside was filled with old barrels marked with an X. Ivar’s curiosity got the better and he blindly entered the room. Immediately upon entry the floor collapsed and gave way to a huge black mass. This giant mold began to engulf and attack our heroes. Artur was able to use his alchemy skills to neutralize the acidity of the creature. It still had a paralytic poison that was difficult to resist. Both Hornswaggle and Qadir were affected by this toxin but luckily were not slain in the battle. Using their martial prowess (and a bit of fire) the companions were able to destroy the creature.
The barrels inside the room were filled with some kind of spirits. This kind of drink would fetch a large sum to the right buyer. Qadir inspects the room carefully and finds another door behind the numerous barrels of ale. Moving all of the barrels would be too much of a task for just the four adventurers so they decide to move on.
As they progress down the halls of this old fortress they encounter a skeleton creature wielding arms and armor. Artur notes the unique fighting style it uses. It seems to be protecting something. It used elite tactics of a high guard of Aerehtart as well.This seems to be very odd to Artur as he understands the nature of the walking dead. After a brief battle our heroes were able to defeat the creature, utterly destroying it with a powder blessed by the priests of Aerethart.
Further down the corridor the heroes are presented with two doors. Ivar gets to inspecting them right away. The first is an elegant varnished door. Ivar immediately mistrusted it. The second was another door similar to the ones they encountered earlier. Ivar noted there were some extremely intricate and powerful traps on the door and that they should stay as far away as possible. The party was forced to deal with the elegant door instead.
Behind the delicate door lies a lady’s quarters. Complete with furnishings, a rocking chair and a corpse. Finn enters the room intrigued by the glow of multiple magical items. Unfortunately, Hornswoggle is unable to enter the room. It is sealed in some way. This makes Finn very nervous and he leaves the room immediately. Qadir and Artur are also very cautious of entering the room and keep watch outside. Ivar decides to trudge forward into the room. He goes to inspect some of the magical items Finn saw earlier. As Ivar approached the rocking chair and corpse it began to move. Ivar drew his weapon ready to defeat the foul creature. As he drew his weapon the undead woman let out a shriek. A huge clattering echoes from the door across the way when suddenly a huge armor clad knight bursts through the door obliterating all of the intricate traps that were laid there.
A battle with the knight ensues. Upon closer inspection Artur notices the knight too is an undead creature. Something foul must be afoot in this old fortress. The knight has incredible defensive and offensive abilities. Ivar struggled to defeat the undead woman and was able to dispatch her relatively quickly. This only further enraged the knight. He promised that this would be the last day they draw breath. Qadir suffered great injury as he was smote by the warrior, but continued to fight on. When the tide of battle began to turn the knight called for reinforcements and retreated to the hallway from whence it came.
Battered and beaten, the adventurers inspect the lady’s quarters. They find a few magical trifles and such, but as Finn is inspecting a chest a small vial flies from his hand. Both Ivar and Qadir try to catch it but it shatters to the floor, engulfing the room in flames. This further injured the heroes and they could progress no further without tending to their wounds. They return to the kitchen and use some healing items to recuperate. Qadir and Ivar find some magical food that heals their wounds. They eat nearly all of it as they were tremendously injured. Qadir ate far more than he was comfortable with. It was not his way to gorge himself on such things. He feels as he did what he must to help his friends, but must be more disciplined in the future. After some rest the heroes go to confront the knight and finish the battle that it started.
The heroes cautiously pass through the formerly trapped door to find a staircase guarded by more of the undead guards. There are banners of the empire of Aerethart hanging in numerous parts of the room. Rather than engage the halberdiers on the stairs the heroes return to an earlier door they have not yet inspected.
After Ivar and Artur dispatch another door using their engineering abilities the adventurers are presented with a very suspicious looking room. A gilded chest sits atop an elevated altar with a beam of light shining upon it. Artur and Ivar carefully check for traps as they try and investigate the traps. Artur and Ivar fail to disarm all of them and are hit by darts. The two heroes begin to laugh maniacally for almost ten minutes before passing out. Qadir and Finn looked on very confused before realizing their friends were in trouble. Finn goes to rescue them and is also hit by the same darts. Qadir is left alone with three unconscious companions.
Qadir decides to try and bring his friends back to the kitchen to rest and regain consciousness. He brings Finn the to the kitchen first. When he returns to the room both Artur and Ivar were gone. Nervously Qadir returns to the kitchen. He did not want Finn to be kidnapped as well. Qadir finds somewhere to hide to hopefully wait for the kidnappers to strike, but no one shows. Finn eventually wakes up confused. Qadir explains what was happening and they return to the room with the chest. Qadir goes to the door in the back and sees the shadows of a couple of short fellows with large horned helmets. They explain that to get their friends back they should try and open the chest.
Since neither Finn or Qadir had the ability to disarm traps, Finn formulated a plan. He began to summon boars from the aether. The boars continually charged the chest until they were able to knock it off the altar. There may have been something in the chest but the heroes could not find it. The voices told the heroes to return to the kitchen to find their friends. When Finn and Qadir return to the kitchen they find their companions unconscious but tied up as to look like they were fighting over a muffin. Finn puts an end to their conflict by eating the muffin.
Eventually the whole party is awake and curious about where to go next. They begin talking to the small figures from behind the door. They have many questions for them and their conversation continues into the night.

Make-Believe Monster or Once Upon a Crime

The heroes awoke in to find that the blacksmith had been “attacked” by the “werewolf” in the middle of the night. After meeting some resistance from the mayor and his security chief the Leaders of the Harbingers of Dawn went in the house to investigate. They found many clues that let them know events did not occur in the way they were told. As they were starting to unravel the mystery the smithy was set ablaze. After escaping intact, the Harbingers used what clues they had left and traveled deep into the woods. After some time strange things started to happen and all but Qadir fell asleep and were transported to a grove with tiny winged people. The little people gave Artur some magical dust that helped him find the motive behind the murder of the blacksmith; a deed to the only propery the mayor didn’t own.
On the way back to town the Mayor’s security chief stopped the heroes with a band of thugs. They were there to get the deed that Artur had discovered. After a long battle the Heroes succumbed to the poison they had been inflicted during the long battle. When they awoke the deed was missing. Ivar’s was able to convince the others that now was the time for wrath and they went to attack the mayor himself. The security chief left many traps on the way in but none were able to halt the Harbingers progress. After making it to the mayor’s office he claimed that his security chief was acting without orders and tried to barter with the heroes. Finn refused to accept the terms as the mayor had caused a great deal of suffering to the people he should have been protecting; and shot the mayor pointblank with his crossbow. Surprisingly the mayor laughed it off and then transformed into a werewolf. A hellacious battle ensued, the heroes poured everything they could into the fight but could not keep the monster down. After some time, the werewolf who had been caged arrived and finished off the monstrous mayor once and for all.
The heroes found the blacksmith tied up in a closet and set him free before leaving him in charge of the town. They went back to Trundholm for a well-deserved rest. They received a letter from a recently disgraced guild; the guild of lost hopes. They tried to accomplish what it would seem were mundane tasks but kept getting disrupted by odd occurrences. One night at dinner a cloaked man walked in and said that his guild was responsible for halting their progress and would continue to do so.

Too Much Too Moon or What Makes Lunatick?

After coming back to town from the hell that was werewolf hunting Qadir had something he needed to get off his chest. He brought the heroes into a room and began to explain that he was struck by the creature during the battle and that he had suffered the wound that would end his time on this planet. The adventures couldn’t quite tell if he was being over dramatic or actually telling them of his demise. Qadir then removed his robes and showed them the egregious wound. They soon realized how serious the situation was and began to worry.

They gathered all they could and began their research on how to help Qadir stay on this plane. The men each headed their separate ways to use what they knew to obtain information on how to cure this dreaded curse. After several days the men came together and exchanged all the ideas they could come up with. Putting the plans together they were able to formulate an idea and put it into action. They need to procure very special and rare items, so they decided that they would go find some and have their men find the others.

The Heroes were able to gather all the materials needed and began to put them to work. After some incredible work by Ivar and Arthur the concoction was ready to go, They knew that there was a good chance that this could cure him but they also knew there was a chance that this mixture could end his life. Qadir explained to them that if anything were to go wrong that he would accept his fate and pass on to the next life. He wanted to them to remember him with a kind and loving heart, and wonderful pajamas. Qadir put the flask to his lips and began to drink. The liquid, glowing green and thick, slowly made its way down his throat. Tasting as putrid as anything he had ever tasted, Qadir fell to the ground and began grabbing his midsection wishing for the Gods to just take his life. After several minutes of agonizing pain Qadir felt as if a great power had been removed from him. Qadir began to stand and explained in a calm and serious voice, that the Beast has been released from system. The men had a great feast to celebrate the momentous occasion.

They decided, with cure in hand, to head back to the previous town to help them with their problem. Upon entering the town they could smell that the town must also be celebrating as they were BBQ’ing in the center of town. Ivar began telling Finn that that sweet beautiful smell was the amazing smell of Meat over an open flame. Finn just bowed his in disgust and kept walking. The closer they got the center of they could here a large gathering of people and then they saw it. The man that had been struck by the creature was being burned at the stake. The group began moving toward the fire and making a commotion. The mayor seemed step out of nowhere and cut them off before they could reach the center. He began to explain what they were doing and that he had all the proper documentation to prove this was all according to the law. With one step to the left, Ivar moved around the mayor and drew his bow. He then nocked an arrow, drew back and let a large arrow pierce the heart of the burning man. He ended his suffering.

The mayor became irate and began scolding the men. He then gathered his calm and told the men he wanted to meet with them later that night. He would see them later and he hopped off to do his mayoral duties. The adventures walked around town and decided to visit the jail house again to see if they had heard anything about what was doing in town. When they went in, the same men were there and they talked to them. The elf was extremely nervous this time around and wanted out very badly. It took some time but he was able to convince them to let him go, that he was being held captive without any just cause. They released and then got ready for their dinner with the mayor.

The Inspector-Detector or A Kick in the Plants

Greeting and salutations true believers! This week we find our heroes continuing their investigation into the case of the missing people and possible werewolf. While following a lead they happen to stumble upon the grisly scene of a disemboweled woman and the hairy culprit about to murder the poor woman’s child! So they did what any good group of heroes do, they didn’t think about strategy at all and charged head long into the hulking beast. Despite finally removing the beast from the premises before it could murder the now comatose child, one of our brave main characters suffered terrible injuries to the arm, death is likely not far down the road because as everyone knows, The Curse Of The Manwolf is death. They took the boy to a local forest shrine where it was made known to them that the child was special in some way related to the forest.
As they made their way back to the town they were accosted by a group of ruffians in a carriage that had just run down the carriage and entourage of the real main character of this tale, Sir Artur Doyleson! After a brief crossbow related misunderstanding the heroes and the protagonist defeated the thuggish assailants, during which Qadir the hippie fell off the cart and disappeared temporarily to a location unknown to the group but appeared later apparently harmed no worse than when he went into the plane of lost things(unconfirmed, investigation underway). Your hero decided to join up with the band of mercenaries as it appeared that they would lead to new and interesting investigations into various interesting and potentially dangerous phenomenon, after delivering his excellent and well put together report to his contractor of course.

Road trips bite or a sheep in wolves clothing

The heroes began their week in the city of Aerethart. The city was quiet with not many interesting goings on. While resting in the guild hall a noble came knocking on the door looking for someone to help with an escort mission. He needs his niece to be escorted to the city of Elucian(sp). The city is about four days away. Ivar and Finn enthusiastically accept the job. Harkyn begrudgingly complies. He has not been the same since arriving at Aerethart.
In the meantime our heroes pursued some of their more personal endeavors. Finn wants to improve the quality of the kitchen the guild hall uses. He goes to the market to buy spices. Ivar collects some herbs in the woods. Harkyn remained at the hall studying his magic. After a few days the noble’s niece arrived. She was not really suited for travel, but thankfully the guild had a carriage to bring her on her journey. The niece was eerily quiet.
After the first day of travel there was a huge snow storm. It greatly impeded their progress. Ivar kept watch as he is used to the cold weather. He reported seeing a large timberwolf circling the carriage, but it never attacked. On the second day the party found their path blocked by a downed tree. Ivar went to investigate and was attacked by the same giant timberwolf he saw the night before. After a little while, Harkyn and Finn joined the fight causing the wolf to run away. When the three men returned to the carriage they found a their horses slaughtered and a message written in blood “leave the girl.” Finn summoned some new horses and they all left.
The next day they arrived at an old bridge. The old bridge was unsteady and caused the carriage to get stuck. Once it was stuck the group was attacked by some normal sized wolves. After a long fight the heroes defeated the wolves and pressed on.
On the final day, a fog descended upon the trail. Rather than worrying about what was behind they pushed as quickly as possible through the fog. They arrived at Elucian(sp) delivered the girl, bought some new horses and slept at the inn. Everyone was exhausted.

When a Felon Needs a Friend or Pantomime Quisling

Our heroes awoke from what seemed to be a horrible dream in an unfamiliar place. They cleared their heads, brushed away the crud in their eyes and got up out of the cots they had been sleeping in. They looked around the room and couldn’t place where they were. They seemed to have all of their belongings with them and they were unscathed. Collecting themselves they made their way of out of the room and into a dining hall at an inn.

There were all types of people sitting and enjoying the breakfast of the day, Eggs and Mutton. As Ivar surveyed the room he noticed a man that looked some what familiar. After two blinks and a roar, Ivar was in full sprint pushing tables to the side and rushing toward the individual. As he got to the man’s table Ivar flipped it on top of him and began to scream at the man. It was Reigel, the new recruit who had betrayed him and Finn during the caravan route. Finn and Harkyn where stunned by what they had just witnessed but when Finn saw who it was he also began to become incensed. He rushed over club in hand and began to berate the little bastard as well.

Reigel waited for them to finish their incoherent tirade and then began to tell them of what really happened. He took full responsibility for what he had done but informed them that, allegedly, Bailey had given the order to end their careers with the Sons of Starkad. He also explained how things had changed in the Sons and that Sheamus was no longer in charge. Things had gone astray and he wanted no part in it and was only here to atone for what he had done to Ivar and his friends.

It took lots of explaining and bribing for them not to kill Reigel. In the end they decided it was best for business to keep him alive and use his services. Reigel explained how he had acquired a new guild for the group to build so they could go up against the Sons. He brought them to a building that looked worse for wear but was standing none the less. He explained that with some elbow grease and palms greased that they could be up and running in no time. He gave them a list of individuals who could help them in their endeavor of building this great new guild.

Each person they were to collect seemed to have their own little quirk about them from a gnome who seemed to blow everything up to his very own sister. They would have a tall order ahead of them.

The Fright-Seeing Trip or Visit to a Small Panic

Our heroes had just finished dealing with the demons of their past. They walked into the main hall of the castle, they found two winding stair cases and headed up the one to the left. At the top they found a door with 4 runes on it; mage mark, fear, curse and protection. Harkyn opened the door and the runes flew off the door and affected the party. Harkyn started glowing yellow, Finn became terrified and Ivar grew weaker.

The heroes knew that they had to push on and started moving forward except for Finn who decided it was safest to stay put. Ivar and Harkyn walked into a room filled with sets of Varl full plate and as harkyn walked out the door closed trapping Ivar. Ivar heard a strange breathing noise behind him and went to investigate. He pulled down the armour he thought it was coming from and narrowly escaped the chain reaction of all the suits falling down.

Harkyn was alone on the other side of the door and was attacked by a dream eater. After he vanquished the beast he saw many more sets of red eyes glowing from the dark. After some time escaping them he found a new door covered in flowers and ran through it only to fall in a pit.

Finn started to get nervous sitting alone by himself and after a while and then the lights started to go out around him. He decided to go back downstairs and then up the other staircase. He came to a door with flowers on it and rushed through falling into the same pit as Harkyn.

Ivar pressed forward and found a set of double doors that led him to a throne room. There was a massive skeleton sitting on the throne with a crown atop his head. As ivar approached he saw to his left a glass case with Brytha inside and to his left a massive pile of gold. At that moment a voice appeared in his head, “”You may take what you can carry from my throne room.” Ivar resisted the temptation to take the gold and leave and instead went to find his friends.

Ivar found a door with flowers on it and opened the door without rushing through. His friends were trapped in the bottom of a pit so he lowered his rope and pulled them up. Then led them to the skeleton king. They were given the offer to take the girl or the gold, but before they could make the decision Kane appeared. He let our heroes know that Brytha was poisoned and that the glass case was keeping her suspended. A fight ensued where Kane used many great spells and had the heroes revisit their greatest horrors again. This time their inner darkness was able to win.

Our Town or Home of the Grave

Our intrepid heroes were running around the town of Badun getting ready to fight the Gremeth. Many people offered support in whatever way they could. Some offered supplies, while others offered their presence in the fight. Others even offered additional awards if the fight took place in specific parts of the city.
As the time drew near Finn laid out the marking scent as allies appeared. The great weaver Waltpeh came with Denode the fighter and Trell Zek the inn keeper showed up in full war paint with a platoon of troops. Soon after that the beast arrived it was astonishingly massive and fearsome to look at. Ivar began a traditional warsong of the Varl. The battle started by people firing whatever ranged offense they could. As the beast closed it took a single swipe at Harkyn and nearly killed him. Walteph spent most of the fight from then on healing the rest of the small warband. Denode was sent flying in the early on and knocked out of the fight. Ivar stayed in as close as he could and kept allowing Stravs Nail to do its purpose, while maintaining his warsong. Many of the troops that came with Trell Zek were knocked down or eaten during the battle. The final moment of the battle the great beast picked Ivar up as Ivar drove the god spear directly through the beast’s heart.

That night the town rejoiced. Harkyn went to find Brytha to share the good news he instead came across a horrific scene the barracks had been all but demolished there was a trail of broken weapons and melted slag that led him to a note. The note had directions to Wranton the island in the middle of the lake. The heroes showed the note to Zeph who said it was written by Shall Kane a Varl who Zeph had problems with in the past.

Our friends set out at once to rescue the girl. After following the note for a while they came up to a dock with elven house around it and after knocking on several doors they found a ferryman who took them across. When they arrived they were greeted by Kane who said that if they completed three tasks in the castle he would spare Brytha.

Harkyn came across a view into his ancestry and saw a great king fighting a traitorous dwarf. Finn found out the previous incarnation of Hornswaggle had been used to kill his parents. Ivar was forced to watch his wife die again and to fail to avenge her.

Double Trouble or Two’s a Crowd

Our heroes spent the night in the recently sacked fort then burnt it to the ground as they left. They hurried through the terror forest and walked through the city of their new dwarven friends. By the time they had gotten back the great furnace was off and they were able to walk right over the bridge. The scout they had met on the other side was shred asunder by Ripper and strewn all about his post. Ivar ran back to warn their new allies of the great threat moving in the region.

The three friends next went back to the massive summoning circle they had found to follow the second set of tracks. After some time they finally found the other fort resting right at the bottom of a hill. They waited until night to creep in but were spotted by the guards none the less. As last time they dispatched the wizards and guards with a fair amount of ease however this time the knight was part of the fight and he and Ivar were the last two standing. At the end of the fight the knight offered his head but rather than taking it Ivar knocked him unconscious and tied him up.

After a few days of licking their wounds and waiting out a snowstorm our heroes pressed forth in their carriage with the knight in tow. After a few days they were free of the snow and almost back to Badun. The knight; Sir Cala Bas of the Order of the White Serpent, offered some advice on how to defeat the monster in exchange for his life.

The three adventurers arrived back in Badun two days before the next attack would come and began preparing for the battle immediately. Finn ran like crazy to find the hut that would house the lure scents. Harkyn sat bedside with Brytha. Ivar went to see Shall Zeph who gifted him Strav’s Nail for the coming battle and also pledged the support of many troops.


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