Double Trouble or Two’s a Crowd

Our heroes spent the night in the recently sacked fort then burnt it to the ground as they left. They hurried through the terror forest and walked through the city of their new dwarven friends. By the time they had gotten back the great furnace was off and they were able to walk right over the bridge. The scout they had met on the other side was shred asunder by Ripper and strewn all about his post. Ivar ran back to warn their new allies of the great threat moving in the region.

The three friends next went back to the massive summoning circle they had found to follow the second set of tracks. After some time they finally found the other fort resting right at the bottom of a hill. They waited until night to creep in but were spotted by the guards none the less. As last time they dispatched the wizards and guards with a fair amount of ease however this time the knight was part of the fight and he and Ivar were the last two standing. At the end of the fight the knight offered his head but rather than taking it Ivar knocked him unconscious and tied him up.

After a few days of licking their wounds and waiting out a snowstorm our heroes pressed forth in their carriage with the knight in tow. After a few days they were free of the snow and almost back to Badun. The knight; Sir Cala Bas of the Order of the White Serpent, offered some advice on how to defeat the monster in exchange for his life.

The three adventurers arrived back in Badun two days before the next attack would come and began preparing for the battle immediately. Finn ran like crazy to find the hut that would house the lure scents. Harkyn sat bedside with Brytha. Ivar went to see Shall Zeph who gifted him Strav’s Nail for the coming battle and also pledged the support of many troops.



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