Our Town or Home of the Grave

Our intrepid heroes were running around the town of Badun getting ready to fight the Gremeth. Many people offered support in whatever way they could. Some offered supplies, while others offered their presence in the fight. Others even offered additional awards if the fight took place in specific parts of the city.
As the time drew near Finn laid out the marking scent as allies appeared. The great weaver Waltpeh came with Denode the fighter and Trell Zek the inn keeper showed up in full war paint with a platoon of troops. Soon after that the beast arrived it was astonishingly massive and fearsome to look at. Ivar began a traditional warsong of the Varl. The battle started by people firing whatever ranged offense they could. As the beast closed it took a single swipe at Harkyn and nearly killed him. Walteph spent most of the fight from then on healing the rest of the small warband. Denode was sent flying in the early on and knocked out of the fight. Ivar stayed in as close as he could and kept allowing Stravs Nail to do its purpose, while maintaining his warsong. Many of the troops that came with Trell Zek were knocked down or eaten during the battle. The final moment of the battle the great beast picked Ivar up as Ivar drove the god spear directly through the beast’s heart.

That night the town rejoiced. Harkyn went to find Brytha to share the good news he instead came across a horrific scene the barracks had been all but demolished there was a trail of broken weapons and melted slag that led him to a note. The note had directions to Wranton the island in the middle of the lake. The heroes showed the note to Zeph who said it was written by Shall Kane a Varl who Zeph had problems with in the past.

Our friends set out at once to rescue the girl. After following the note for a while they came up to a dock with elven house around it and after knocking on several doors they found a ferryman who took them across. When they arrived they were greeted by Kane who said that if they completed three tasks in the castle he would spare Brytha.

Harkyn came across a view into his ancestry and saw a great king fighting a traitorous dwarf. Finn found out the previous incarnation of Hornswaggle had been used to kill his parents. Ivar was forced to watch his wife die again and to fail to avenge her.



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