Road trips bite or a sheep in wolves clothing

The heroes began their week in the city of Aerethart. The city was quiet with not many interesting goings on. While resting in the guild hall a noble came knocking on the door looking for someone to help with an escort mission. He needs his niece to be escorted to the city of Elucian(sp). The city is about four days away. Ivar and Finn enthusiastically accept the job. Harkyn begrudgingly complies. He has not been the same since arriving at Aerethart.
In the meantime our heroes pursued some of their more personal endeavors. Finn wants to improve the quality of the kitchen the guild hall uses. He goes to the market to buy spices. Ivar collects some herbs in the woods. Harkyn remained at the hall studying his magic. After a few days the noble’s niece arrived. She was not really suited for travel, but thankfully the guild had a carriage to bring her on her journey. The niece was eerily quiet.
After the first day of travel there was a huge snow storm. It greatly impeded their progress. Ivar kept watch as he is used to the cold weather. He reported seeing a large timberwolf circling the carriage, but it never attacked. On the second day the party found their path blocked by a downed tree. Ivar went to investigate and was attacked by the same giant timberwolf he saw the night before. After a little while, Harkyn and Finn joined the fight causing the wolf to run away. When the three men returned to the carriage they found a their horses slaughtered and a message written in blood “leave the girl.” Finn summoned some new horses and they all left.
The next day they arrived at an old bridge. The old bridge was unsteady and caused the carriage to get stuck. Once it was stuck the group was attacked by some normal sized wolves. After a long fight the heroes defeated the wolves and pressed on.
On the final day, a fog descended upon the trail. Rather than worrying about what was behind they pushed as quickly as possible through the fog. They arrived at Elucian(sp) delivered the girl, bought some new horses and slept at the inn. Everyone was exhausted.



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