The Fright-Seeing Trip or Visit to a Small Panic

Our heroes had just finished dealing with the demons of their past. They walked into the main hall of the castle, they found two winding stair cases and headed up the one to the left. At the top they found a door with 4 runes on it; mage mark, fear, curse and protection. Harkyn opened the door and the runes flew off the door and affected the party. Harkyn started glowing yellow, Finn became terrified and Ivar grew weaker.

The heroes knew that they had to push on and started moving forward except for Finn who decided it was safest to stay put. Ivar and Harkyn walked into a room filled with sets of Varl full plate and as harkyn walked out the door closed trapping Ivar. Ivar heard a strange breathing noise behind him and went to investigate. He pulled down the armour he thought it was coming from and narrowly escaped the chain reaction of all the suits falling down.

Harkyn was alone on the other side of the door and was attacked by a dream eater. After he vanquished the beast he saw many more sets of red eyes glowing from the dark. After some time escaping them he found a new door covered in flowers and ran through it only to fall in a pit.

Finn started to get nervous sitting alone by himself and after a while and then the lights started to go out around him. He decided to go back downstairs and then up the other staircase. He came to a door with flowers on it and rushed through falling into the same pit as Harkyn.

Ivar pressed forward and found a set of double doors that led him to a throne room. There was a massive skeleton sitting on the throne with a crown atop his head. As ivar approached he saw to his left a glass case with Brytha inside and to his left a massive pile of gold. At that moment a voice appeared in his head, “”You may take what you can carry from my throne room.” Ivar resisted the temptation to take the gold and leave and instead went to find his friends.

Ivar found a door with flowers on it and opened the door without rushing through. His friends were trapped in the bottom of a pit so he lowered his rope and pulled them up. Then led them to the skeleton king. They were given the offer to take the girl or the gold, but before they could make the decision Kane appeared. He let our heroes know that Brytha was poisoned and that the glass case was keeping her suspended. A fight ensued where Kane used many great spells and had the heroes revisit their greatest horrors again. This time their inner darkness was able to win.



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