The Inspector-Detector or A Kick in the Plants

Greeting and salutations true believers! This week we find our heroes continuing their investigation into the case of the missing people and possible werewolf. While following a lead they happen to stumble upon the grisly scene of a disemboweled woman and the hairy culprit about to murder the poor woman’s child! So they did what any good group of heroes do, they didn’t think about strategy at all and charged head long into the hulking beast. Despite finally removing the beast from the premises before it could murder the now comatose child, one of our brave main characters suffered terrible injuries to the arm, death is likely not far down the road because as everyone knows, The Curse Of The Manwolf is death. They took the boy to a local forest shrine where it was made known to them that the child was special in some way related to the forest.
As they made their way back to the town they were accosted by a group of ruffians in a carriage that had just run down the carriage and entourage of the real main character of this tale, Sir Artur Doyleson! After a brief crossbow related misunderstanding the heroes and the protagonist defeated the thuggish assailants, during which Qadir the hippie fell off the cart and disappeared temporarily to a location unknown to the group but appeared later apparently harmed no worse than when he went into the plane of lost things(unconfirmed, investigation underway). Your hero decided to join up with the band of mercenaries as it appeared that they would lead to new and interesting investigations into various interesting and potentially dangerous phenomenon, after delivering his excellent and well put together report to his contractor of course.



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