When a Felon Needs a Friend or Pantomime Quisling

Our heroes awoke from what seemed to be a horrible dream in an unfamiliar place. They cleared their heads, brushed away the crud in their eyes and got up out of the cots they had been sleeping in. They looked around the room and couldn’t place where they were. They seemed to have all of their belongings with them and they were unscathed. Collecting themselves they made their way of out of the room and into a dining hall at an inn.

There were all types of people sitting and enjoying the breakfast of the day, Eggs and Mutton. As Ivar surveyed the room he noticed a man that looked some what familiar. After two blinks and a roar, Ivar was in full sprint pushing tables to the side and rushing toward the individual. As he got to the man’s table Ivar flipped it on top of him and began to scream at the man. It was Reigel, the new recruit who had betrayed him and Finn during the caravan route. Finn and Harkyn where stunned by what they had just witnessed but when Finn saw who it was he also began to become incensed. He rushed over club in hand and began to berate the little bastard as well.

Reigel waited for them to finish their incoherent tirade and then began to tell them of what really happened. He took full responsibility for what he had done but informed them that, allegedly, Bailey had given the order to end their careers with the Sons of Starkad. He also explained how things had changed in the Sons and that Sheamus was no longer in charge. Things had gone astray and he wanted no part in it and was only here to atone for what he had done to Ivar and his friends.

It took lots of explaining and bribing for them not to kill Reigel. In the end they decided it was best for business to keep him alive and use his services. Reigel explained how he had acquired a new guild for the group to build so they could go up against the Sons. He brought them to a building that looked worse for wear but was standing none the less. He explained that with some elbow grease and palms greased that they could be up and running in no time. He gave them a list of individuals who could help them in their endeavor of building this great new guild.

Each person they were to collect seemed to have their own little quirk about them from a gnome who seemed to blow everything up to his very own sister. They would have a tall order ahead of them.



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