Bailey Lynch

Lietenant of the Starkad


Home – Aerethart
Race – Human
Age – 19
Height – 5’-8"
Alignment – Neutral

A thin almost gaunt woman who wields knives from two belts she wears. Her knives bear a singular triangular shape with a single symbol. The same symbol adorns her cloak and is tattooed over her entire right arm. She wears a tight black leather armour and she wraps a necklace around her right hand when she fights.

CR – 7
Class – Thief
HP – 56 ?
Ac – 24
Dr – 5 (Leather Armour)
For/Ref/Will – (4/12/3)
Strength – 14 (2)
Dexterity – 22 (6)
Constitution – 10 (0)
Intelligence – 16 (3)
Wisdom – 9 (-1)
Charisma – 17 (3)


Her skills seem to be based on Spellcraft, Arcane, Jewelry, and Concentration!

Follower Benefits

Follower – She withdraws after hero is “Bloodied”. Hero must rest at an “Safe” location to recover him when follower withdraws.
Returns – She returns to battle again in 1D10 Turns if hero restores HP above bloodied status.


A mysterious woman who grew up in the capital city of Aerethart. She is one of 3 lieutenants of The Sons of Starkad guild. She rose through the ranks with various nefarious strategies dividing and crippling more powerful adversaries.

Many have claimed to have killed her, but somehow she has survived surprising deaths… Thrown from battlements, crushed under rocks, beheading, and even completely annihilated. Her foes often the same day find themselves being dispatched the same way she was.

These facts combined with a fierce competitive attitude discourage the typical assailant. She is dangerous and lethal…

Bailey Lynch

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