Brytha Banes

Captain of the guard for Badun


Home – Badun
Race – Human
Age – 16
Height – 5’-10"
Alignment – Lawful Neutral

A average built young woman with flame red hair. She often wears light weight fabrics and cloths wrapped about her. She very rarely carries any weapons or jewelry, but should never be considered unarmed. Her small size should not be underestimated as she can easily lift most Varl.

CR – 10
Class – Monk
HP – 100
Ac – 24
Dr – 0
For/Ref/Will – (4/12/3)
Strength – 20 (5)
Dexterity – 16 (3)
Constitution – 12 (1)
Intelligence – 10 (0)
Wisdom – 12 (1)
Charisma – 12 (1)


Her skills seem to be based on Spellcraft, Arcane, Jewelry, and Concentration!

Follower Benefits

Follower – She withdraws after hero is “Bloodied”. Hero must rest at an “Safe” location to recover him when follower withdraws.
Strike Hard – No non-boss monster can withstand her attacks well… 25% minimum damage to any “Living” creautre struck by her attacks per hit…


Brytha is best described as “anger and violence with legs”. Her parents were slain by the Gremeth, a creature the Varl dread to fight. Since then, the Varl raised her as their own and to no ones surprise, she adopted into their culture to an extreme even they could not predict.

The Varl are are both proud and terrified of their young prodigy Varl who was trained in fighting without the use of weapons by the Varl named Zeph Breech. She is impulsive, angers easily and without reason, and would much rather punch sense into something than speak about it.

What terrified the Varl however was the strength she possessed. At such a young age she is the strongest being in the city of Badun. No one knows how she came by this strength and a fist awaits for one who asks. She was awarded as the captain of the guard when she single-handedly beat down 3 drunken Varl in a fist fight.

Now the city of Badun is peaceful and those that walk the streets watch for this red-haired menace to the law-abiding and otherwise.

Brytha Banes

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