Lana O'Carrol

Mind Weaver and Lietenant of Starkad


Home – Aerethart
Race – Elf
Age – 157
Height – 5’-6"
Alignment – Neutral Good

Though Elves are known to be graceful and beautiful as a race, Lana is a model for it. Captivating and alluring as the wind itself. She wears long garments of elven descent. Her hair flows as softly as her movements. The only item of interest she has is an old wand which she typically holds on her person within her dress…

CR – 9
Class – Weaver (Sorcerer)
HP – 36
Ac – 14
Dr – 0 (Special)
For/Ref/Will – (2/4/12)

Strength – 9 (-1)
Dexterity – 14 (2)
Constitution – 9 (-1)
Intelligence – 20 ()
Wisdom – 18()
Charisma – 20 (3)


Her skills revolve around mental pursuits. She is a mentalist on all levels and should never be underestimated…

Follower Benefits

Follower – She withdraws after hero is “Bloodied”. Hero must rest at an “Safe” location to recover him when follower withdraws.
Caster – May provide 22 Levels of support magic.
Starlights Ray??


It is unknown how Lana was inducted into The Sons of Starkad mercenary group. It is believed she was found and saved by Sheamus. It is known she is a talented Weaver. A powerful mentalist in her own right, she bears a gift not fully understood. She is also known as “Starlight’s Ray” to those that have known her for a time…

Many have speculated that Sheamus is somehow involved with Lana, but he only grins when asked about it. She speaks quietly when she speaks… The strange bit about her is that her voice is often heard without speaking above others, but is heard above all others…

She commands a special kind of respect without words and many conversations have stopped simply by her presence being made known. She is the mother of the guild as much as Shamus is its father.

Lana serves as the guild’s tactician and weave expert. When she enters combat she wields extra-ordinary power over the weave and unleashes it without mercy upon those that threaten guild members or the innocent. She has on occasion unleashed her magic upon guild members who have violated the guild charter or done something she finds appalling further cementing her position.

She has few enemies, but those that do call her an enemy are true nightmares in themselves…

Lana O'Carrol

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