Sheamus O'Riely

Pica case study


Home – Aerethart
Race – Human & ???
Age – 23?
Height – 6’-8"
Alignment – Chaotic Good

Tall, brutish, angry, and stubborn to a fault, he comprises the qualities of the north lands. His red cloak symbolizes his strength with his symbol. The mark of the The Sons of Starkad which also represents his very clan sends his message that all who are part of the guild are family to him. His battle axe known as Grimfang has slain 500 warriors and no less than 2 Elder Giants… His armour was fashioned from a Sleight Wurm he slew on his first journey south of the Red Span. He wears a tethered string which holds twin gold bands.

CR – 15
Class – Battle Rager
HP – 270
Ac – 33
Dr – 8 (Sleight Armour)
For/Ref/Will – (22/12/10)
Strength – 20 (5)
Dexterity – 16 (3)
Constitution – 22 (6)
Intelligence – 13 (1)
Wisdom – 9 (-1)
Charisma – 18 (4)


If it involves hitting things… He’s really good at it… He’s no moron though, so don’t underestimate him…


Sheamus has fought men, Varl, Elves, Goblinoids, Dredge, Dwarves, Wolves, Wretch, Undead, every sort of animal, Wurms, Dragonkin, Trolls, ect… Actually it would be easier to make a list of creatures he hasn’t fought on the battlefield. It is said when he finds a new creature and slays it for the first time, he rips some flesh off the corpse and eats it.

He fights to fight, but often enough will allow half of his enemies to flee should they choose to even holding his own anger in check. He has commented he prefers to leave witnesses to share his glory with others. Some more practical members believe he does this to keep Lana O’Carrol from becoming angry with him. Whatever the reason, many outsiders see Sheamus as a honorable warrior regardless of whether it is deserved or not…

Sheamus would prefer to speak with his muscle over any other form of communication and will often listen to his lieutenants speak for him rather than speak for himself(Especially Lana O’Carrol). However, rouse his spirits and he becomes louder than 50 men and often far more dangerous…

Not many have questioned an order he has given without being beaten to a pulp (Aside Lana O’Carrol) Though many think he should treat “his” family with a bit more care, he simply states tough is the only kind of love he has ever known… Most don’t argue… At least not a second time…

Sheamus O'Riely

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