The Legendary Varl Urgosh

weapon (melee)

A Varl Urgrosh is a double weapon—an axe head and a spear point on opposite ends of a long haft. The Varl Urgrosh’s axe head is a slashing weapon that deals 2D6 points of damage. Its spear head is a piercing weapon that deals 1d8 points of damage. You can use either head as the primary weapon. The other becomes the off-hand weapon. If its user braces against a charging character, the spear must be used to benefit from x2 damage.

Iron? Varl Urgosh {2D6-B/S or 1D8-P, CRIT-(19-20)x3, ENC-3, BCR-(6)}

- Heirloom Item – Many of the runes on this item have eroded or are unawakened. The runes can be re-awakened through trial or tribulation…
- Magic (0) – (Means this weapon may be able to bypass certain creatures DR if they are vulnerable to Magic (N) weapons) The (N) bonus is added to “To Hit” and “Damage” rolls made by a player!
- Lesser Calling – As a “Free Action”, This item will return to the owners hand unless it is bound, held, or deeply “Embedded” in an object.
- Keen – This weapon’s critical threat range has been increased and is displayed above in its stats.
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This weapon is known as Eschel which in common-speak is the “Giant’s Arm”. Eschel was forged by the great Varl weapon smith known as Beril Verilstath within Hearth Moutain in the early days of Varl history. The weapon portrays a battle where the gods’ reach expanded to Midguard displaying Valkyries and Varl fighting together against the Eternity Wurm coiling around the sun. Most believe this blade was forged to commerate this very battle, but historians and scholars still debate whether this battle has been fought and won or has yet to be fought…


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