A Prelude Out of Turn

Ivar Balor had just brought Finn Shanahan to the recruitment hall. Lana told Ivar to get the training exercise started for the three new recruits. One recruit pissed himself over a kobold, Finn tore open the weave and pulled out a viper, and Rigel dismembered his quickly. Lana pleased by this sent a second wave that Finn was the only able to stop do to the aid of his large snake friend. Finn, Rigel and Ivar became fast friends after that eating almost every meal together. Sheamus sent Ivar and a bunch of green recruits as a caravan escort. They came upon a burning town and while investigating a burning building Rigel betrayed his comrades.

Precedents Set

Claude passes our new adventurers to his contact Dunnem. Dunnem is a shady man and set our group on a few seedy tasks. The first was to collect a debt which was completed with a bit of intimidation. The next was to deliver orders to a guard who responded to a specific phrase. Though this was accomplished the group read the letter and started to question, whether or not, they should continue this work. The next job was to place a package they were suggested not open in a trough in the rich part of town. Adventures are curious by nature and ours were no different suggesting not to open a package is just as good as telling the snow around a fire pit not to melt. Inside the package was a dagger coated in a potent poison. After much debate our group decided not to do the job and returned the dagger to Dunnem and ended their relationship. Our adventurers next agreed to meet lord strahl in his mansion, where they fought off invaders they had delivered floor plans to. Lord Strahl told them he was cursed by a dredge weaver named Kaela Velaine upon her death. Our group went to an abandoned temple of Iomede to gather information and holy water to lift the curse. After being harassed by some undead our party made it out alive if a little worse for wear.

The Adventure Begins

We meet our new adventurers as they stumble to holick as the sole survivors of the caravan. Harkyn Doomhammer a Dwarf weaver who specializes in melee casting. Finn Shanahan a young human adept at pulling help from the weave. Our party is rounded out by Ivar Balor a Varl hunter. The ragtag group makes it to the Falconeers Tankard and quickly starts solving other people’s problems.


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