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  • Finn Shanahan

    "This Is How It All Started":https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UmrQmR8fXno3zry2_X1E4Ypn6lmKjTVHK_TQsjdOAyY/edit

  • Harkyn Doomhammer

    Harkyn Doomhammer (IV) - Backstory Deep within the highest mountain ranges in the south lies a Dwarven kingdom unlike any other. These Dwarves have been shut away from the rest of society for longer than any living man can remember. One could call …

  • Ivar Balor

    For as long as he can remember Ivar Balor has been at war with the [[Dredge | Dredge]]. The Balor clan was strong and fierce. Balor himself was the clan’s founder, he was the fiercest varl fighter in history, known for his use of a spear in one hand …