Population: Approximately 7500 Dwarves, 300 Svirfneblin, 10 Dryads, 1 Treant, and 40 elementals

The humble kingdom of Cenaria lies deep within the treacherous mountains far to the south of the world. A large bowl shaped valley is carved into the landscape that holds fertile ground and a lush wilderness. The elders say that a star fell from the sky to build this kingdom for their people. The kingdom of Cenaria is almost entirely isolated from the outside world, as such their culture and customs are very odd compared to other kingdoms of the world.

An elder council acts as a ruling body for the kingdom. One elder from each clan, large are small has a voice on the council. The Granitebeard clan acts as the defacto law enforcement for crimes/misdeeds within the kingdom. Tribunals are formed for criminal and civil trials. The economy is entirely based off of trade and bartering.

The culture of this kingdom is steeped in tradition. Ancestors and elders are not outright worshipped but highly revered. Clans are very proud of their heritage, but there is not much strife between the clans. Petty feuds may arise from time to time but are usually resolved quickly. Once a month during the full moon there is a huge potluck banquet. Nearly everyone feasts and drinks together in celebration and camaraderie. Due to the lack of official currency there is a strong sense of community and cooperation.
The buildings and domiciles of the clans vary but are mostly humble houses made of stone. Caves are sometimes repurposed into structures, but digging deeper into the ground is forbidden. A few reclusive clans reside in the forest and carve homes into the huge redwood trees. The largest structure lies in the center of the valley. A huge domed building acts as a community center and holds the elder council.
The isolation from the outside world and collapse of their precursor empire leaves only one practiced religion. The piety of the clans varies though. Due to the very unique landscape of the valley, elementals are an actual presence found in Cenaria. This leaves the Elemental Lords as the only practiced religion. There are four temples in the valley, one for each cardinal direction. These temples are said to be as old as the kingdom itself, though it may be older. The only other notable belief system is druidism, passed down by the dryads to some of the forest clans.
Though the kingdom is almost entirely populated by dwarves there are a few other races as well. When the forefathers led their people out of the darkness into this great valley they were accompanied by some Svirfneblin. These queer gnomes from deep underground were constantly under attack by the “denizens of the deep.” They would have been wiped out if it weren’t for some of the clans that helped form Cenaria. This encouraged them to flee to the great valley with their comrades after the elemental war. The Svirfneblin are quiet and keep to themselves. Many of them still reside in caves scattered throughout the valley. Many also serve as watchers of the dark, making sure the evils of the deep do not lay siege to the bountiful valley.
The dryads, and treant were supposedly in the valley prior to the arrival of the dwarves. The dwarves swore to help protect the valley from those who would wish to corrupt it. The dwarves revere these fey creatures and ask a dryad to sit on their elder council, though these fickle creatures do as they please.
The elementals of the valley do not stray far from their respective temples. They act as guardians, and are seen as divine. Offerings are left to them The day after each great feast.
Whatever unnatural force carved the valley into these treacherous inhospitable mountains left a bountiful harvest for the citizenry of Cenaria. The lush landscape holds many exotic peppers and spices. This causes traditional Cenarian cuisine to have many bold flavors, most notably, tremendously spicy (very similar to the Thai cuisine of Earth). In addition to the peppers and spices many different vegetables grow in the fertile soil. Many different species of hops and barley grow in the valley as well. Beer is commonly brewed by many of the clans and is a staple of the Cenarian diet. A healthy population of chicken, pig, and deer supply the people with protein.

Unlike the typical dwarven kingdoms of the world, magic is an integral part of the kingdom of Cenaria. Many clans specialize in specific magical practices varying from wizard to oracle. Cenaria’s isolation and storied history leaves them with a different form of casting magic however. Cenarian magic is more primal and simplistic. It unlocks the basic elemental energies of magic by utilizing what are known as words of power. These “wordcasters” are just as potent as typical magic users but they tap into the basic fundamentals of magic. Cenarians believe these words of power were gifts from the elements themselves.


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