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The Doomhammer clan is a humble Dwarven clan from the distant dwarven kingdom of Cenaria. The clan has a deep appreciation and reverence for the weave, specifically, the elements. The majority of clan members are menders and seers. Most often clan members train to become Cenarian Magi. These warriors mix magical abilities and martial prowess to devastating effect.

The Doomhammer clan was originally entrusted to protect (and wield) the artifact weapon known as Vyaturchuk. This hammer is probably the reason for the clan’s strange name.


The Doomhammer clan is named after what else? A hammer. The Doomhammer clan is an offshoot of the ancient Dwarven known as Windfury. The Windfury clan was a key clan of the ancient kingdom of Giz thousands of years ago. The historical recount of the origins of the Windfury clan and the actual Doomhammer were lost to time. What is known however is that the Windfury clan was a clan who worshipped the element of air. The majority of the clan were menders of many different kinds.

During a great war with creatures only known as “denizens of the deep,” a hammer was forged in an attempt to defeat them. The identity of these denizens of the deep is unknown. It is theorized that these denizens were the dredge but who knows. Other accounts say they were orcs or even illithids. It is known that these “denizens” were savage enemies killing men women and children. These denizens committed numerous atrocities to the Dwarves of Giz. The elder bards of Cenaria say that this hammer was the weapon that turned the tide of this ancient war. Durotan, the patriarch of the Windfury clan organized all of the most powerful menders to forge a weapon to defeat the Denizens of the Deep. These menders and weavers forged a weapon like no other.

The hammer was known as Vyaturchuk in the old tongue (This language is lost to time but most resembles the elemental languages like Auran, Terran, etc.) It is said that the hammer was able to channel the elements to devastating effect. Durotan was the first to wield Vyaturchuk and used it to defeat the Denizens of the Deep. It is said that Durotan wrought incredible destruction on the Denizens and ended their long fought war. Durotan saw Vyaturchuk as a dangerous instrument that should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Durotan decided the hammer should be closely guarded and only given to one worthy to wield it. He started the order known as “Keepers of the Vyaturchuk.” This order was comprised of powerful menders (usually Magi – ones who would wield the weapon and channel the elements at the same time). The Keepers were tasked in protecting the hammer, and training to be able to wield it when necessary.

Countless years passed. It is unknown how many times that hammer has been used but it is believed that any time it was, it was the difference maker that turned the tide of a conflict. The Dwarves came to refer to Vyaturchuk as The Doom Hammer for it would bring Doom to any enemy of the Dwarven Kingdom of Giz. Countless years passed and the origins of the Doomhammer clan are found here.

The Keepers of the Vyaturchuk trained their children to be the next keeper. Generation by generation, these keepers instructed their heirs to become powerful menders (usually Magi). The name Vyaturchuk was used less and less as time went on. Keepers of the Vyaturchuk became Keepers of the Doomhammer. Keepers of the Doomhammer was then shortened to simply clan Doomhammer.

The Doomhammer clan finds it origins in steeped in honor, responsibility, and of course magic. Each clan patriarch trained their children how to respect the weave and utilize it to protect the kingdom. This went on for many many generations and is still happening to this day.

When the civil war known as The Elemental War erupted in the kingdom of Giz a huge divide opened up in the Dwarves of Giz. There were those who worshipped the elements, and those who thought the elements were their slaves. The Doomhammer was also a subject of contention. The Gravelheart Clan believed it was their right as members of the dwarven kingdom to use the artifact as they saw fit. The Keepers of the Doomhammer disagreed. They feared what would come of the world if Vyaturchuk was used needlessly. The war between the two factions was fought for many years. Many people believed that the Doomhammer clan would use the ancient hammer to win the war and defeat the Gravelheart clan and their allies. However, it was the wisdom and compassion of Harkyn (I) that saved them from utter destruction.

Harkyn (I) saw the only way to protect The Doomhammer and keep the kingdom intact was to hide the hammer away. Using powerful magic Harkyn (I) and his closest allies hid the hammer somewhere no one could find it, especially the Gravelheart clan. Some say it is hidden deep within the earth. Others believe Harkyn (I) channeled the power of their forefathers the Windfury clan and sent it into the sky. Some even say that the hammer was put into the weave itself. It is agreed though that the hammer will only present itself to one worthy to wield it. A hero of this type has not yet emerged. (or has he???)

After the elemental War the Doomhammer clan was devastated by losses incurred during an unexpected attack at the hands of the Gravelhearts. The Doomhammer clan and their allies fled the underground to a valley hidden away in the southern mountains. They were an integral part of the formation of the Kingdom of Cenaria. What happened to the other half of the Kingdom of Giz is unknown.

Author’s notes:

The Doomhammer clan has an intimidating name but it is simply colloquial. A more accurate name would be Vyaturchuk, or “The keepers of the hammer.” When a word or phrase is passed down for thousands of years a name tends to change. Nonetheless the Doomhammer clan kept its name as a reminder of their ancestors and the great weapon that protected the kingdom for many years.

The hammer itself is lost. Many members of the Doomhammer clan have sought after it with no avail. It is prophesied that a hero will emerge worthy to wield it and use it to defeat a great evil.

Doomhammer Clan

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