The Dredge are a race of humanoid beings said to be made of stone. They are usually clad in dark colored suits of armor, made either of stone or metal, and have bright yellow eyes. They are a threat to all sentient races attacking any and all without warning. There is great animosity between the Varl and the Dredge, such that the Varl often refer to them as ‘slag’, a demeaning term.

There exist both male and female Dredge, although it is said that only the males take to the battlefield. Dredge vary in size and shape, being anywhere from man-sized to as tall as a Varl, but all appear much larger than a normal man due to the armour they wear. Some varieties, the Sundr, are even larger. In combat, Dredge field units similar in function to the combined might of Varl and Humans. They even have their own variety of Menders called Stonesingers.

The Dredge appear to show reverence to the god Stravhs, though it is not clear why.

Their origins are not entirely understood or known but it is currently believed one of the gods, Stravhs, was jealous of his brother and sisters creations. The legend is Stravhs took one such creation and twisted it into something bizarre and unnatural, then set them free to wreak havoc on the land. After a long and bloody war, the Dredge were thought to be extinct, but they have started to resurface in vast numbers. It is not known why…


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