Gravelheart Clan

The Gravelheart clan are proud Dwarves that hail from the distant Dwarven kingdom of Cenaria. This clan has taken it upon themselves to survive the new world at any cost. Their empire is divided into 9 districts and the capital city. These Dwarves are surprisingly secretive within their layers facing the dangers of the dark alone. Many speculate this nation has become so powerful so quickly because of some new energy or power they have ripped from the veil of the weave itself.

Many menders have made attempts to disuade the Dwarves from their action believing it is dangerous and reckless, but with their new found power to fight the Dredge many have allowed the Dwarves to continue their experiments unimpeded. In fact, the mender’s council known as the Valka Council, has remained silent on this issue. No other country has reported as much success fighting the Dredge as the Gravelheart nation.


It is reported the Gravelheart clan is searching for something… Something they say is theirs by blood right, but have yet to elaborate what they are looking for. They have sent out great numbers of scouts and warriors looking for this artifact, person, or place which they claim… Will be theirs again in time…

Gravelheart Clan

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