City of Holick – Population – 1,800 – 80% Humans, 5% Elf, 5% Halfling, 5% Varl, 5% Other

The city of Holick is dominated by a large stockade and governs the entrance into Keal’s Pass. It serves as a forward observation post for the city of Aerethart against a Varl attack. It is currently ruled by a tyrant by the name of Lord Ceolbert. This man has few friends , but his history is legend among the local populace.

The city itself comprises of a single main gate, 10 towers, about 200 armed guard, and 1 working ballista mounted on fortress tower battlements. The city is not meant to be able to defend against an attack… It exists simply to inform the larger city of Aerethart of an attack and assist in trade convoys moving through the area. Nothing more…


The first town where the heroes started their grand adventure barely surviving the raider attack on their caravan and left for dead. Holick stands upon a hill with strong palisades and banners which bear the family name of at least 20 different noble families. The wealthiest of the community live at the top while others struggle in the lowest sections near the palisades. The Danes and Copas clan vi for control of the town while Lord Ceolbert currently rules over it. He has been cursed by a female dredge Sundr named Kaela Velaine. His loyal and good son Vakan Ceolbert enlisted the aid of the heroes to break this curse and help restore honor to his family name.

Noteworthy Inns (There are 2!)

Falconeers Tankrd
This little Inn is nestled inside the shadow of the hill city. It is seedy, but the Inn keeper is fairly hospitable lending a hand to those down on their luck… And coin…

Fallen Crest Inn
This Inn is far more decorated and has far better standards then the Falconeers Tankrd. Its cliental consists of the richer nobles in the city. However, that being said it is a mediocre Inn at best offering linen sheets and paltry bedding. Most rooms consist of fairly poor furniture and goods…



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