The 100 Bereaus

The 100 Bereaus are actually a coalition of Dwarven clans that choose to form under a single banner. They are widely known to all races as allies harboring no ill will towards any other race except possibly the elves of Sindarin. Many have speculated the Bereaus would have voted to declare war on the nation of Sindarin after the unprovoked assault on the fortress Steim Hammer, however after a surprise vote of 50 to 50(Declarations MUST be majority!) the Bereaus stayed their arms in preference of reinforcing the front against the Dredge.

Since then however, the Bereaus caravans have NOT visited the Sindarin nation nor has a diplomat even been dispatched to the enigmatic Sindarin. The attack has never been explained by either side and neither side speaks of the incident… But it is clear both sides are unwilling to negotiate or make reparations.

These dwarves are among the most prosperous and friendly merchants in the land… Only the most remote areas or northern reaches(The Bereaus claim another Dwarven community resides there!) have not dealt with a Dwarven merchant from the Bereaus. In fact, they are so common most lands refer to these merchants as the “Bois Shey”. These merchants are also known for their hospitality and ethical deals, but rarely speak of home let alone tell anyone where their home is.

The world needs the Bereaus more now than ever… The nation produces 10 times more steel than all the other countries combined at staggering lower costs. It is unknown how they produce so much steel, but all believe this fact has allowed them to stem the tide of Dredge attacks and even push them back…

The 100 Bereaus

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