The Elemental Lords

Most people in the world worship the traditional gods. People more in tune with the weave and the elements sometimes turn to a different belief system. These people are usually a small population. This is not the case for the dwarves of the kingdom of Cenaria. Essentially the entire kingdom of Cenaria follows the elemental lords.

To worship the elemental lords is to see each of the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water as divine. To worshipers of the elemental lords, the weave itself is simply the four elements in perfect harmony. Any spell broken down to its simplest form would simply be an element, or some combination of them. All of the four elements are equally revered, though some people prefer specific elements (this is entirely a personal choice).

If the elements are divine then elementals must be demigods. Many cultures have different names or categories of elemental but to most worshipers of the elemental lords they are all holy.

Each of the four elements is guided by an elemental lord. These elemental lords hold dominion over all uses of the element, both magical and mundane. The four elements exist in a dynamic equilibrium with one another. This createsa natural harmony to the world.

The four elemental lords (Using their Kalimag names)

Paralda – The Wind Lord
Sarazul – The Earth Mother
Atreia – The Fire Lord
Nixsa – The Water Queen

The Elemental Lords

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