The Sons of Starkad


Sheamus O’Riely


Lana O’Carrol

Bailey Lynch

Mission Statement
For the Sons of Starkad our mission is your mission. We focus on completing jobs quickly and effectively. Our ranks contain a diverse group of problem solvers, fit to complete any mission with a variety of outcomes. To become our brother(or sister) in arms is to complete rigorous training that all are invited to attempt.

Though we have garrisons in many cities our stronghold is in Aerethart.


  • We negotiate with other mercaenary groups in order to preserve the integrity of the mission.
  • We accept no contacts that involve harming children.
  • Power is power. We do not descriminate against the different expertices of potential members.

Other notable members

Ivar Balor



The Sons of Starkad

Valhalla Shadowawn