Too Much Too Moon or What Makes Lunatick?

After coming back to town from the hell that was werewolf hunting Qadir had something he needed to get off his chest. He brought the heroes into a room and began to explain that he was struck by the creature during the battle and that he had suffered the wound that would end his time on this planet. The adventures couldn’t quite tell if he was being over dramatic or actually telling them of his demise. Qadir then removed his robes and showed them the egregious wound. They soon realized how serious the situation was and began to worry.

They gathered all they could and began their research on how to help Qadir stay on this plane. The men each headed their separate ways to use what they knew to obtain information on how to cure this dreaded curse. After several days the men came together and exchanged all the ideas they could come up with. Putting the plans together they were able to formulate an idea and put it into action. They need to procure very special and rare items, so they decided that they would go find some and have their men find the others.

The Heroes were able to gather all the materials needed and began to put them to work. After some incredible work by Ivar and Arthur the concoction was ready to go, They knew that there was a good chance that this could cure him but they also knew there was a chance that this mixture could end his life. Qadir explained to them that if anything were to go wrong that he would accept his fate and pass on to the next life. He wanted to them to remember him with a kind and loving heart, and wonderful pajamas. Qadir put the flask to his lips and began to drink. The liquid, glowing green and thick, slowly made its way down his throat. Tasting as putrid as anything he had ever tasted, Qadir fell to the ground and began grabbing his midsection wishing for the Gods to just take his life. After several minutes of agonizing pain Qadir felt as if a great power had been removed from him. Qadir began to stand and explained in a calm and serious voice, that the Beast has been released from system. The men had a great feast to celebrate the momentous occasion.

They decided, with cure in hand, to head back to the previous town to help them with their problem. Upon entering the town they could smell that the town must also be celebrating as they were BBQ’ing in the center of town. Ivar began telling Finn that that sweet beautiful smell was the amazing smell of Meat over an open flame. Finn just bowed his in disgust and kept walking. The closer they got the center of they could here a large gathering of people and then they saw it. The man that had been struck by the creature was being burned at the stake. The group began moving toward the fire and making a commotion. The mayor seemed step out of nowhere and cut them off before they could reach the center. He began to explain what they were doing and that he had all the proper documentation to prove this was all according to the law. With one step to the left, Ivar moved around the mayor and drew his bow. He then nocked an arrow, drew back and let a large arrow pierce the heart of the burning man. He ended his suffering.

The mayor became irate and began scolding the men. He then gathered his calm and told the men he wanted to meet with them later that night. He would see them later and he hopped off to do his mayoral duties. The adventures walked around town and decided to visit the jail house again to see if they had heard anything about what was doing in town. When they went in, the same men were there and they talked to them. The elf was extremely nervous this time around and wanted out very badly. It took some time but he was able to convince them to let him go, that he was being held captive without any just cause. They released and then got ready for their dinner with the mayor.



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