Rigel Heartstroke

Likeable Rogue's Rogue!


Home – Aerethart
Race – Human
Age – 21
Height – 5’-1"
Alignment – Neutral

A tiny man who wears leather armour and smells faintly of celery. He is covered in holy symbols and small charms which he praises in multiple languages. His stature is benevolent, but grimy. He is always trying to make his next con, looking for his next mark, and staking his next claim….

CR – ?
Class – Thief
HP – 1 (He always falls on the first hit!)
Ac – 28
Dr – 3 (Leather Armour)
For/Ref/Will – (-2/15/Auto Fail?)
Strength – 8 (-1)
Dexterity – 20 (+5)
Constitution – 6 (-2)
Intelligence – 16 (3)
Wisdom – 5 (-3)
Charisma – 15 (2)


His skills seem to be based on the Bluff and Diplomacy! He even can convince the most dedicated people to change their minds!

Follower Benefits

Coward Follower – He withdraws from combat immediately. Though he may use “Skill” out of combat.
Skill – Allows re rolls for ALL Bluff and Diplomacy checks.


A man of many origins, convictions, standards, occupations, skills, temperaments, classes, values, abilities, titles, habits, trophies, likes, hates, hazards, colors, tribulations, coordination, homes, clans, guilds, settings, talents, ect… And yet has none of these in any major abundance except when he speaks of them.

Joining the The Sons of Starkad guild proved to be an easy task for this lad who easily befriended the heroes and though he took part of a betrayal of them, has found a home in the new guild founded by the heroes as one of their guild lieutenants.

His silver tongue is truly amazing which is superseded only by his ability to be at the right place and time with the right deal or information to keep himself not only alive, but in good standing with whichever power is in control of his fate. However… Glinda Heartstroke is quite another story…

His relationship with his sister is always strained as he is constantly trying to find ways to avoid the woman, but always finds himself under her heel. He is ever terrified and in awe of his sister, but only measures up to her talent in words alone… However, it should be known she is the ONLY force in this world that can motivate him to great deeds… Not that he would ever admit it…

Rigel Heartstroke

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