Do you know the muffin man? Or Knockin' on hell's door

Session Recap 02/04/17

With a huge storm raging outside our heroes find themselves in the kitchen of an old fortress. After spending a few days meditating Qadir comes out of his trance. Finn informs him of the goings on, and the party decides to continue to explore this old castle. After inspecting the kitchen area carefully Ivar finds a door nailed shut from the inside. Qadir attempts to break through the door with a swift punch. He delivers a huge amount of damage to it but fails to break it in a single blow. The door was harder than he expected so he decided to halt his assault on the door. Finn and Artur however began to egg Qadir on, doubting his prowess. Even the most centered of monks have a bit of pride, so Qadir continued his assault. In the second blow to the door he reduced it into splinters.
The room inside was filled with old barrels marked with an X. Ivar’s curiosity got the better and he blindly entered the room. Immediately upon entry the floor collapsed and gave way to a huge black mass. This giant mold began to engulf and attack our heroes. Artur was able to use his alchemy skills to neutralize the acidity of the creature. It still had a paralytic poison that was difficult to resist. Both Hornswaggle and Qadir were affected by this toxin but luckily were not slain in the battle. Using their martial prowess (and a bit of fire) the companions were able to destroy the creature.
The barrels inside the room were filled with some kind of spirits. This kind of drink would fetch a large sum to the right buyer. Qadir inspects the room carefully and finds another door behind the numerous barrels of ale. Moving all of the barrels would be too much of a task for just the four adventurers so they decide to move on.
As they progress down the halls of this old fortress they encounter a skeleton creature wielding arms and armor. Artur notes the unique fighting style it uses. It seems to be protecting something. It used elite tactics of a high guard of Aerehtart as well.This seems to be very odd to Artur as he understands the nature of the walking dead. After a brief battle our heroes were able to defeat the creature, utterly destroying it with a powder blessed by the priests of Aerethart.
Further down the corridor the heroes are presented with two doors. Ivar gets to inspecting them right away. The first is an elegant varnished door. Ivar immediately mistrusted it. The second was another door similar to the ones they encountered earlier. Ivar noted there were some extremely intricate and powerful traps on the door and that they should stay as far away as possible. The party was forced to deal with the elegant door instead.
Behind the delicate door lies a lady’s quarters. Complete with furnishings, a rocking chair and a corpse. Finn enters the room intrigued by the glow of multiple magical items. Unfortunately, Hornswoggle is unable to enter the room. It is sealed in some way. This makes Finn very nervous and he leaves the room immediately. Qadir and Artur are also very cautious of entering the room and keep watch outside. Ivar decides to trudge forward into the room. He goes to inspect some of the magical items Finn saw earlier. As Ivar approached the rocking chair and corpse it began to move. Ivar drew his weapon ready to defeat the foul creature. As he drew his weapon the undead woman let out a shriek. A huge clattering echoes from the door across the way when suddenly a huge armor clad knight bursts through the door obliterating all of the intricate traps that were laid there.
A battle with the knight ensues. Upon closer inspection Artur notices the knight too is an undead creature. Something foul must be afoot in this old fortress. The knight has incredible defensive and offensive abilities. Ivar struggled to defeat the undead woman and was able to dispatch her relatively quickly. This only further enraged the knight. He promised that this would be the last day they draw breath. Qadir suffered great injury as he was smote by the warrior, but continued to fight on. When the tide of battle began to turn the knight called for reinforcements and retreated to the hallway from whence it came.
Battered and beaten, the adventurers inspect the lady’s quarters. They find a few magical trifles and such, but as Finn is inspecting a chest a small vial flies from his hand. Both Ivar and Qadir try to catch it but it shatters to the floor, engulfing the room in flames. This further injured the heroes and they could progress no further without tending to their wounds. They return to the kitchen and use some healing items to recuperate. Qadir and Ivar find some magical food that heals their wounds. They eat nearly all of it as they were tremendously injured. Qadir ate far more than he was comfortable with. It was not his way to gorge himself on such things. He feels as he did what he must to help his friends, but must be more disciplined in the future. After some rest the heroes go to confront the knight and finish the battle that it started.
The heroes cautiously pass through the formerly trapped door to find a staircase guarded by more of the undead guards. There are banners of the empire of Aerethart hanging in numerous parts of the room. Rather than engage the halberdiers on the stairs the heroes return to an earlier door they have not yet inspected.
After Ivar and Artur dispatch another door using their engineering abilities the adventurers are presented with a very suspicious looking room. A gilded chest sits atop an elevated altar with a beam of light shining upon it. Artur and Ivar carefully check for traps as they try and investigate the traps. Artur and Ivar fail to disarm all of them and are hit by darts. The two heroes begin to laugh maniacally for almost ten minutes before passing out. Qadir and Finn looked on very confused before realizing their friends were in trouble. Finn goes to rescue them and is also hit by the same darts. Qadir is left alone with three unconscious companions.
Qadir decides to try and bring his friends back to the kitchen to rest and regain consciousness. He brings Finn the to the kitchen first. When he returns to the room both Artur and Ivar were gone. Nervously Qadir returns to the kitchen. He did not want Finn to be kidnapped as well. Qadir finds somewhere to hide to hopefully wait for the kidnappers to strike, but no one shows. Finn eventually wakes up confused. Qadir explains what was happening and they return to the room with the chest. Qadir goes to the door in the back and sees the shadows of a couple of short fellows with large horned helmets. They explain that to get their friends back they should try and open the chest.
Since neither Finn or Qadir had the ability to disarm traps, Finn formulated a plan. He began to summon boars from the aether. The boars continually charged the chest until they were able to knock it off the altar. There may have been something in the chest but the heroes could not find it. The voices told the heroes to return to the kitchen to find their friends. When Finn and Qadir return to the kitchen they find their companions unconscious but tied up as to look like they were fighting over a muffin. Finn puts an end to their conflict by eating the muffin.
Eventually the whole party is awake and curious about where to go next. They begin talking to the small figures from behind the door. They have many questions for them and their conversation continues into the night.



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