Make-Believe Monster or Once Upon a Crime

The heroes awoke in to find that the blacksmith had been “attacked” by the “werewolf” in the middle of the night. After meeting some resistance from the mayor and his security chief the Leaders of the Harbingers of Dawn went in the house to investigate. They found many clues that let them know events did not occur in the way they were told. As they were starting to unravel the mystery the smithy was set ablaze. After escaping intact, the Harbingers used what clues they had left and traveled deep into the woods. After some time strange things started to happen and all but Qadir fell asleep and were transported to a grove with tiny winged people. The little people gave Artur some magical dust that helped him find the motive behind the murder of the blacksmith; a deed to the only propery the mayor didn’t own.
On the way back to town the Mayor’s security chief stopped the heroes with a band of thugs. They were there to get the deed that Artur had discovered. After a long battle the Heroes succumbed to the poison they had been inflicted during the long battle. When they awoke the deed was missing. Ivar’s was able to convince the others that now was the time for wrath and they went to attack the mayor himself. The security chief left many traps on the way in but none were able to halt the Harbingers progress. After making it to the mayor’s office he claimed that his security chief was acting without orders and tried to barter with the heroes. Finn refused to accept the terms as the mayor had caused a great deal of suffering to the people he should have been protecting; and shot the mayor pointblank with his crossbow. Surprisingly the mayor laughed it off and then transformed into a werewolf. A hellacious battle ensued, the heroes poured everything they could into the fight but could not keep the monster down. After some time, the werewolf who had been caged arrived and finished off the monstrous mayor once and for all.
The heroes found the blacksmith tied up in a closet and set him free before leaving him in charge of the town. They went back to Trundholm for a well-deserved rest. They received a letter from a recently disgraced guild; the guild of lost hopes. They tried to accomplish what it would seem were mundane tasks but kept getting disrupted by odd occurrences. One night at dinner a cloaked man walked in and said that his guild was responsible for halting their progress and would continue to do so.



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