The Missing Moustache or Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The adventurers began to contemplate their next move in what has turned into a house of gnomes. As they began to move about they noticed all their weapons had become 2 sizes two small. Ivar began to rage and demand that his weapon return to size. From a far corner of the room you could hear a giggle and someone say “In due time my friend, in due time.”

The varl continued to swear under his breath but knew it was pointless to argue with a gnome. Qadir began to ask into the corners of the room about the knight and skeletons that roam the building. He was able to learn that they may not be as hostile as he once thought. Qadir decided that maybe there could be a more peaceful way to go about this tower of horrors. He decided to traverse the rest of the way with his hands in his pockets, showing no signs of aggression, and told the rest of the party to parrot him. Ivar wouldn’t have willingly done this but he couldn’t wield a weapon if he wanted to for he had been playing with a “prize” the gnomes left for him that seemed to be handcuffing his hands together.
With the everyone showing no weapons or malicious intent they walked into the room with the skeletons and black knight. The undead turned to face the men with weapons drawn but without advancing. The heroes stopped and waited to see what would be their fate. Amazingly the guards raised their weapons and allowed the adventures passage into the hall which, as it were, was a shrine. The men all paid their respects to the shrine and left the hall.
The storm had finally died down.and group decided it was time to finish their mission and retrieve the green rocks they were searching for. On there way out the gnomes informed the adventurers that they would more than likely run into to some great hairy beasts out there. If they could defeat and bring back a tuft of hair from their heads they would gift them with materials. They agreed to help the little gnomes and if they were to see the beasts. The gnomes also informed the heroes that when they left the building another surprize would happen. They proceeded to go outside to find out what that was and much to the liking of Ivar, all the weapons had returned to normal size, he now felt whole again.
Though the storm had subsided the cold still existed and made the travel a bit slower than they wanted. After a short journey they came upon a knight fighting a hairy beast. Naturally the heroes jumped into action. They came to the knights the defense and defeated the creature. They talked to the knight and figured out that he was on a mission to a location beyond the mountain ridge, where several more large hairy beast were. They decided to help him with his mission and they began to head toward the ridge. Upon arriving they decided that the left passageway would be the best way down. On the road less traveled they realized why it was less traveled. One of the hairy beasts was there, but this one was twice the size of the others. They formulated a plan and executed it to perfection. They opened with a wicked bow shot from Ivar to the beast’s eye and continued the destruction from there. Artur planted some well placed strikes while Qadir smashed his fists into the beast’s side. The beast was able to place some blows of his own and knocked down Qadir. With a swift move of his hand the knight was able to instill more life into Qadir and help the party vanquish the beast.
After the altercation was over they followed the knight as he continued to a battlefield where he knelt down and seemed to be collecting a signet ring. They found out it was son that had fallen at this battle. They gathered up some weapons from the fallen and noticed some differences with the weaponry. Some of the arrows were serrated, most likely not belonging to the Aerethart Empire. There must have been another party involved in this skirmish. The heroes gathered up what they could and departed back to the tower. As they were leaving Yukon pledged his sword to the adventurers. He agreed to follow them and help them in their endeavors.
Once the heroes reached the tower they noticed that Yukon refused to enter the tower’s grounds. The knight cannot return home until his quest was complete. The heroes delivered the scalps of the fallen Yetis to the Garron guards. In addition they deliver the fallen soldiers’ insignia to the other knights of the fortress. With their quest complete they decided to return to Aerethart.
On arrival to the guild hall Ivar, Finn, Qadir, and Artur were greeted by a group of adventurers. One of the adventurers was a Varl who seemed to know Ivar. A conversation between the two brought them deep into the evening. They drank and shared stories of their exploits.



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