Guild Shops

Dunme’s Blacksmithy (Level x 100) Space-No cost, but restricted by Armoury

Description – Armed with only a handful of tools and paultry gear provided by the guild’s Armoury. He has managed to arm the guildsmen with basic weaponry and armour. Still, his smithing skills are exemplorary and he manages the guilds resources with great care and efficiency… Even if he is a bit angry about it.

“Ack now ye eld thisa weapen gid en stren else it ill fale ya very tim”! Surprisingly he says this bit to everyone he crafts a weapon for… He has been noted to enhance weapons and armour too, making them tougher and stronger than before… He even has been seen altering the characteristics of weapons and armour.

Shop – Armoury and Shop Levels Lowers cost by 1x

Red Iron – {+1} Damage/DR – 20x or 1lb of Red Iron Cost
Silvered – “Silvered” – 30x Cost
Steel Reinforcement – {+2} Damage/DR/BC – 50x Cost
More Materials required for more options… Mines required…

None Available…

Guild Shops

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